Privacy Policy

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Providing us with personal opinions and information is an act of trust – we take our responsibilities for this trust very seriously

BMFC collects data that is both personally identifiable and unidentifiable either electronically or otherwise. We collect information when you voluntarily provide this on registration for use of our site or on signing up for an event. We also use cookies.


A “cookie” is a small data text file that is placed in your browser and allows BMFC to recognise you each time you visit this site (customisation etc). Some cookies are necessary for the website to function properly and this is usually related to logging in into the members area. Cookies themselves do not contain any personal information, and BMFC does not use cookies to collect personal information. Cookies may also be used by 3rd party content providers, such as newsfeeds.

BMFC use Google Analytics (just like virtually everybody else), which is a service provided by Google. They gather anonymous data of how people are using this site and then provide us with visitor statistics, details of page views etc etc. You can opt-out of being tracked by Google Analytics here

You may obtain further information about “cookies” and how they function at

Protecting Your Privacy

Here we outline WHAT information we store, and HOW we use it. We accept how sensitive our lifestyle choice can be to some people, therefore we have tried to explain all our processes fully to you

Personal information will never be sold, shared, or rented by BMFC without your prior consent. It should be noted that, because BMFC does not control the privacy practices of external links, we advise that you read and fully understand their privacy policies.

Information We Collect And Why We Collect It

Places to a BMFC Party are allocated to BMFC members only and are secured by completing our online Booking In Form. Guests who are not yet BMFC members grant us permission to retain their personal information for our records by submitting this form.

The Booking In form requires your real name and your real address, your mobile number, email address and a recent face picture.

We require this information for Health & Safety purposes and will only ever share this information with Emergency Services.

We do not offer ‘Guest” entries at ANY of our events

Our Party ‘Booking In’ process asks for the following information – this is why we collect it

1) Are you a Couple, Single Male, or Single Female?

We ask this to maintain a good balance of guests within a party.

2) If you are a Couple – Guests asking for a COUPLES place, must each provide individual mobile numbers and email address and must provide a picture TOGETHER as a couple. All are asked to accept our T&C’s and Privacy Policy.

3) Your name(s)

We need this to match your ID, and it’s recorded in our membership database to allow us to find your information.

4) Your Mobile Phone Number(s)

We ask for this so we have an emergency way of contacting you or to query an invalid email address

5) Email address

We ask for this so we can respond to you, however it may then used for email marketing

6) Date of Birth

Obviously this is an over 18 only community, and we need to ensure everyone attending is 18+

7) Your Address

A legal requirement for H&S purposes

8) A Recent Face Picture (if you are asking for a COUPLES Place then we need a picture of you TOGETHER) – this is stored for H&S purposes and will be used to identify you should the need arise

9) Swinging Experience, Swinging Knowledge & Expectations for the evening

Here we are after the reasons why you’d like to join us at a BMFC Party. You can add whatever you wish that may further your case to join. We read it to ensure that guests have a good understanding of the swinging lifestyle, and have realistic expectations for the evening.

10) How did you hear about us?

This will assist our marketing team and helps drive future marketing strategies

11) Web Site User Name.

This is asking for any alias used on swinging web sites. “BMFC Parties” on Fab Swingers, for example will allow us to verify you as genuine when you join us at a party, if requested. It also gives us another way of contacting you in the future should the need ever arise.

12) Press Policy, Etiquette Awareness, Privacy Policy plus T&C’s.

We provide several tick boxes you must agree to before we accept your Booking Form.

What do we do with Membership Data?

1) We take non-attendance at our parties very seriously as this can and sometimes does affect the success of a party as it may skew the male:female ratio. We therefore record non-attendance and refer to it when processing future party requests

2) We send out regular E-Newsletters to our members. We like to inform you, or remind you of upcoming events, collaborations, special offers, competitions and specific changes to the BMFC. We always provide you with an opt-out “Unsubscribe” option at the foot of every email we ever send you.

Third Parties

We do not provide any third parties with our Data. We do have associations with many venues across the UK, however your data is NEVER given to them. We do not provide data to our own members regarding other members, nor do we provide data to people, claiming to have an association with a member.

Payment Information

On very rare occasions, members may be required to make payment in advance (for special events, holidays etc) This information is not stored or recorded in any way once the transaction has occurred.

Data Protection Issues

If you have any questions or issues with the above, and feel it needs to be addressed with BMFC, please contact us directly via email or by telephone 07790439839

We may revise this Privacy policy from time to time. The most current version of this policy will govern our processing of your personal data and will always be stored on the BMFC website

Last Updated – May 2018.