BMFC History

BMFC History

For those of you who don’t already know it, the Blackmans Fanclub (BMFC) was founded by Helen and her then boyfriend

Back in the day, Swingers Clubs were strictly MEMBERS ONLY establishments and membership was almost impossible to obtain (membership was only offered to Business Owners or by Referral from an existing member)

Before the internet became saturated with swingers websites, Swingers Clubs were deemed to be 'underground' and were very difficult to access

It was also known fact that the members of those clubs were predominantly WHITE, MIDDLE AGED and MIDDLE CLASS

So basically Helen was fed up of visiting Swingers Clubs to realise that ONCE AGAIN,  her boyfriend was the ONLY Black Guy there!!

After months of being bored every time they went out,  Helen soon realised that if she could break down the barriers and source a venue, then She could tap into their existing circle of friends and introduce them into the Swinging Scene. She could also use her music knowledge to create the right type of atmosphere to help guests relax, but feel sexy too!

Soon, the BMFC was born and we held our FIRST party in E17. The venue that we used back then was ideal for us in the early days, but as word spread, the numbers increased and we outgrew the club. Not long after this, Helen's boyfriend slowly got bored with organising the events and they split up. She sourced more venues, and before we new it, we were hosting weekly events at different venues right across the UK.

Eventually, her daughter Tasha got involved behind the scenes helping with admin and taking her to see new venues. Now, Tasha hosts monthly parties and helps out with the day-to-day running of the BMFC. One day she will take over, when Helen eventually retires from hosting parties. (But she will still be behind the scenes though, you can't get rid of her that easily!)

Sourcing the ideal venue is always challenging and the second opinion was always welcomed. It has to be in the right location, provide our guests with the facilities, cleanliness and space that you all deserve. We try where ever possible to have some consistency with our venues, but we also think that it’s a great opportunity to introduce our friends to “new” clubs, encouraging you to venture out of your comfort zone and of course increase your network of friends.

Do not assume you know the venue of a BMFC party, as these change from time to time. If you are not signed up to our emailing list to receive party promotional emails, please check out our calendar of events for specific events and venue details.

So in a nut-shell, the venues may change, the facilities too, but one thing that NEVER changes is the dedication that Helen & Tasha, and the BMFC Team give, when organising and hosting these parties.

So, what is the Blackmans Fanclub?

Our parties do what it says on the tin. They are parties, specifically organised for females and couples who appreciate the extras that Black guys bring, and of course for the Black guys who enjoy being appreciated.

In simple terms, that means that single females of any race, culture, religion are welcome at our parties.

Our guests can be any race, colour or creed but as you might imagine, the females that attend our parties are attracted to Black Guys and the male half of the couple fully accepts the fact that his missus may want to play with a Black guy at the party

Single Guys would thus preferably be Black, but nobody is refused entry to a BMFC party based on the colour of their skin

We find that 70% of the ladies who attend our parties are Bi, but that doesn't mean they will pounce on every lady who attends!

The etiquette for Swinging applies, regardless of sexuality ... no means no! ...

We pride ourselves on the reputation we have for being successful at what we do!

Our guests know that when they attend a BMFC Party, not only will they hear the best music, but they will also be guaranteed a great relaxed atmosphere!

Our parties are a place to go to unwind, dance, meet old friends and of course to increase your network of friends by meeting new people

Even though lots of our guests have plenty of intimate fun, you will find that there is absolutely no pressure placed on anyone to play!

How Times have Changed ....

Swinging - over the years - has changed so much and it is only right that we change too

These days, people are far more in touch with their sexuality and their sexual preferences

For years, we have encouraged our female members to be SEXUALLY LIBERATED - to make their own decisions, to do as THEY please, to ENJOY sex, to have FUN

As long as everyone is CONSENSUAL then this is a FANTASTIC lifestyle choice

Recently, we have seen an increase in the number of TVs interested in attending our parties - and an increase in the number of guys AND ladies attracted to them too!!

I have and ALWAYS will fight to ensure that the Swinging Scene attracts Black People and now we find that we are now fighting to ensure that the Swinging Scene welcomes TVs too

EVERYONE, regardless of skin colour, sexuality or gender has a right to have fun in a non threatening, safe and clean environment and while we have a breath in our bodies, we will CONTINUALLY fight for everyone to have that right!!

If EVERYONE abides by the BASIC BMFC rules, then EVERYONE will have a great night

1) Consensual RESPECT

2) Consensual ATTRACTION

3) Consensual SEX

x Be safe, Be respectful & Have FUN x